Ten months old baby not sleeping throughout the night

Hello Dr,

My baby is ten months old and he has not been sleeping uninterruptedly throughout the night for almost 4-5 months. He wakes up every one hour interval and starts crying. We have to get up and either rock him back to sleep or my wife nurses him to sleep. These days nursing does not even work. We have to rock him for about 15 – 20 minutes before he goes back to sleep again and this event occur several times a night. He is feeding well, pooping well. I am not sure what is wrong with him. Initially the problem was during the night time and now he cannot sleep more than an hour at a stretch even during the day.

Please help!

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Dr. M. M. Haque

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  • Dr. M. M. Haque

    Dear Intekhab
    I can understand the problem you are dealing with. There are various forms of sleep disorders in infants, toddlers and children. The particular form of sleep problem your child is having now is ‘frequent wake up from sleep’. Hopefully there is a cure if the cause is identified. I suggest you to consult sleep medicine specialist. I know one in Bangladesh. If you want to consult him send me your email address and i will provide you with the information.

    Keep patience
    Thanks for writing me

    • Intekhab Sadekin

      Thanks for responding. I am glad that you took the time to go through my message and gave probable solutions. Now coming back to the issue, I know what is causing my baby to wake up. After months of monitoring and trying out many techniques I came know that he has developed a very bad sleep habit. He needs something to go back to sleep. He has developed a sleep association to either rocking or nursing without which he cannot soothe himself back to sleep. He needs something. This is the reason why he wakes up frequently and cannot fall back to sleep.Now my question to you is, can you suggest something or some technique with which I would be able to break this bad habit of my son an teach him to go to sleep on his own?

      Thank You.

  • Dr. M. M. Haque

    My dear viewer, this is not at all a ‘bad habit’ of your baby and you should not ‘teach’ your baby because he is a baby not an adult. He is accustomed with what you have given him. So it will take time to change his habit. You should not stop all entertainments abruptly because it may hamper his sleep, rather you should modify it. For example, carry on rocking and singing simultaneously and gradually reduce the duration of rocking and continue singing. With this process he will develop a new sleep association with singing within few days. You may play low volume musical CD as an alternative to singing. Another example is bouncing the bed with one hand and the belly or back with another, then gradually withdraw the hand from body and then from bed. You may have some of your own alternative techniques to apply. If so, apply them. If all techniques are proved useless nothing to worry even. Over time your child will learn how to sleep without assistance. The thing needed at this moment is your patience.

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