Stammering(তোতলানো) is not a serious problem

Stammering or stuttering (তোতলানো), is a problem in speech fluency. This is one of the most common speech disorders in children. The problem is in the flow of sounds they produce, feeling like a sudden loss of control of words. Actually what happen is repetition of a syllable or word like mu…mu…mu…mummy or using of undue pause or prolongation of a sound while talking. So naturally they avoid the problem words.  Its exact cause is unknown but genetic or other factors may play role. If a father had stammering  his sons are likely to experience it. Stress, tension, anger or fear can trigger it. Diagnosis is confirmed by a speech language specialist .Treatment is based on proper counseling and mental support to the parents.  Parents should not pressurize the child, scold him or blame for it. Affected child should be encouraged to talk more and more. If it persists then speech therapy can be applied. Early diagnosis and treatment is highly effective if it is started during preschool ages. But follow up sessions are important to prevent relapses. Parents, school teacher and therapist may play the key role to overcome this problem.

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Dr. M. M. Haque

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