QuestionsMy baby’s age is 1.5 years but he is not interested to any food. I have tried all items, all foods at any situation but he doesn’t eat any food. And he left breast milk after 8 months. So what can i do please suggest me.
Anonymous asked 3 years ago
1 Answers
Dr. M. M. Haque Staff answered 3 years ago

Rather than simply insist your child eat a new food, try the following:
1.Offer a new food only when your child is hungry
2.Present only one new food at a time
3.Make it fun- present the food as a game
4.Cut the food into unusual shapes like doll, car, birds etc
5.Serve new food with favorite foods to increase acceptance
6.Eat the new food yourself in front of your baby because children love to imitate
7.Have your child help to prepare foods. Often they will be more willing to try something when they helped to make it.
8. Limit beverages, ice cream, junk food . Picky eaters often fill up on liquids instead.
9.Limit snacks to two per day.
10.Make the food a bit oily so that little amount can provide more calorie
11.Offer new food during main meal time, not during snacks time

** Exclusively breastfeed your baby up to six months. **Continue breast feeding up to two years. ** Nothing is substitute for or equivalent or superior to breast milk. ** Feeding bottle is the source of infection, use cup and spoon. **Start weaning food at six months of age. ** Home made food is the best food for weaning. ** Vaccinate your child. ** During diarrhoea treat your baby with saline (ORS) and zinc in addition to breast milk. ** Do not restrict usual food during diarrhoea. ** Random use of antibiotics in diarrhoea is harmful. ** Do not receive treatment for your baby through telephone. ** Donate blood and save life of a child. ** Do not give your child junk food. ** Chocolate, icecream reduce your child's appetite. ** Give your child adequate protein diet during chicken pox. ** Do not restrict food during illness. ** Wash hands with soap before you touch your newborn. ** Do not kiss your newborn's face. ** Do not hug your baby immediately after coming from outside. ** Do not give your kids sharp and small toys.