QuestionsMy baby is 2 months old, and she is passing urine for 14 to 15 times per day. Is it normal? Should i worry for that?
Anonymous asked 4 years ago
1 Answers
Dr. M. M. Haque Staff answered 4 years ago

If your baby has no other associated problems, feeding well and gaining weight then probably this is normal. If your baby is a female then UTI can be a possibility, but some other symptoms are likely to be there along with frequency of urination. Does your child has any preexisting kidney disease? If no then nothing to worry about. Is there winter or rainy season where you live? Urination will be more in these days. Considering all these issues you have to judge this situation. Moreover if you have any confusion or suspicion i suggest you to consult a Paediatric Nephrologist for specialized opinion. 

** Exclusively breastfeed your baby up to six months. **Continue breast feeding up to two years. ** Nothing is substitute for or equivalent or superior to breast milk. ** Feeding bottle is the source of infection, use cup and spoon. **Start weaning food at six months of age. ** Home made food is the best food for weaning. ** Vaccinate your child. ** During diarrhoea treat your baby with saline (ORS) and zinc in addition to breast milk. ** Do not restrict usual food during diarrhoea. ** Random use of antibiotics in diarrhoea is harmful. ** Do not receive treatment for your baby through telephone. ** Donate blood and save life of a child. ** Do not give your child junk food. ** Chocolate, icecream reduce your child's appetite. ** Give your child adequate protein diet during chicken pox. ** Do not restrict food during illness. ** Wash hands with soap before you touch your newborn. ** Do not kiss your newborn's face. ** Do not hug your baby immediately after coming from outside. ** Do not give your kids sharp and small toys.