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Anindita asked 3 years ago

Hi. My son is 7 years old. From early childhood he had vomiting tendency. His SGPT was found border line. Last one year everything found ok. But last two days he is eating less and the vomiting tendency came back. Should I check for liver function test?

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Dr. M. M. Haque Staff answered 3 years ago

It is really difficult to comment whether this episode of vomiting tendency is related to the previous one or completely a distinct issue. Actually a full clinical evaluation of your child and analysis of all past records is very important in this case. But you have mentioned that your child was all right for last one year, so it may be a separate entity. Whatever it is, don’t worry. Think simple and take simple measures. You can give medicine that reduces vomiting tendency (hope you know the name of medicine as you are dealing with this problem for long time). This is called symptomatic management. Food refusal and vomiting tendency may be the initial manifestation of some other illness, so you have to wait till then. Doing SGPT is not the solution for this time because this episode may not be due to raised SGPT or impaired liver function. Liver problems usually manifest with jaundice (but not always). You may have to do other tests as well. So I advise you to wait, give symptomatic treatment. If the problem resolves over time, nothing to do more. If new symptoms appear or the condition deteriorate then consult your family physician.

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