QuestionsHow to treat nappy rash? I prescribed Zinc Oxide cream(Q-Rash) to 2 babies but the result was not appreciating. Please do suggest me what else(cream/oint) I can prescribe?
Nazia Arefin asked 4 years ago
1 Answers
Dr. M. M. Haque Staff answered 4 years ago

1. Stop using pampers; if not possible change it more frequently.
2. Stop using soap, detergent until inflammation subsides.
3. Topical anti fungal with steroid namely-  Fungidal HC(Miconazole +Hydrocortisone) twice/thrice daily for 7 to 10 days is enough
4. Q-Rash(Zinc Oxide Paste) can be used side by side with Fungidal HC.

** Exclusively breastfeed your baby up to six months. **Continue breast feeding up to two years. ** Nothing is substitute for or equivalent or superior to breast milk. ** Feeding bottle is the source of infection, use cup and spoon. **Start weaning food at six months of age. ** Home made food is the best food for weaning. ** Vaccinate your child. ** During diarrhoea treat your baby with saline (ORS) and zinc in addition to breast milk. ** Do not restrict usual food during diarrhoea. ** Random use of antibiotics in diarrhoea is harmful. ** Do not receive treatment for your baby through telephone. ** Donate blood and save life of a child. ** Do not give your child junk food. ** Chocolate, icecream reduce your child's appetite. ** Give your child adequate protein diet during chicken pox. ** Do not restrict food during illness. ** Wash hands with soap before you touch your newborn. ** Do not kiss your newborn's face. ** Do not hug your baby immediately after coming from outside. ** Do not give your kids sharp and small toys.