Meat (Beef) in Children’s Diet

Parents have common queries about the age of babies when meat can be introduced in diet. Many parents want to start meat at 3rd or 4th months of age. Some parents consider that only chicken is safe for children as a source of meat. As we all know that the first six months is the time of exclusive breast feeding, nothing additional can be given during this time. When weaning has been fully established, meat can gradually be introduced in diet. From practical point of view, it is better starting with chicken. Step by step, beef or mutton can be given. For any kind of food which is new for your baby, follow the rule “start low go slow”. Any meat can be given depending upon the tolerance and digestion capacity of your baby. Each 100 gm of beef contain 118 kcal energy and 25 gm protein. Animal protein contains all essential amino acids many of which are lacking in vegetable protein like pulse. Moreover red meat contains huge amount of iron. If we consider the food value of meat (chicken/beef /mutton) it is one of the most important sources of nutrition to build body of your growing children. Only when a baby exhibits repeated attacks of allergy or any repeated physical problem to a particular type of meet that should be avoided. Otherwise there is no recommendation that beef cannot be given to kids.

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Dr. M. M. Haque

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