This is a fungal infection called ‘tineasis’. This is itchy and contagious. Complete cure is achieved if treated with local anti fungal cream (clotrimazole or econazole) for 15 days. 

‘Zika Virus’- Not a Matter of Fear

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Zika virus, a recent fear among people, enters the human body with the bite of a mosquito named ‘Aedes’. This mosquito is also responsible for causing dengue fever, yellow fever etc. This is named ‘zika’ because it was first isolated from zika forest in Uganda. 1st case of zika (human being) was isolated in South Africa in 2007, and recently in Latin America on may 2015. This mosquito bites at day time and transmit the virus into our blood stream. Some cases also proved that this virus can enter through sexual contact with affected male partner. Naturally this virus has little effect on human beings like mild fever, body ache, joint pain, red eye (conjunctivitis), rash, headache etc. Fever usually subsides within 3 days, only leaving rashes. So zika virus infection behaves like a simple viral illness or mimics dengue fever. But it is fatal when this virus infects a pregnant woman. It results in miscarriage, microcephaly (smaller head size) leading to mentally handicapped child. Diagnosis depends on the travelling history to zika endemic area, symptomatic manifestations and blood / urine testing by PCR method. Treatment is only supportive; adequate rest, plenty of liquids, paracetamol for fever ( never use aspirin or NSAID). No preventive vaccine or specific medicine against this virus is available till date, but people are working on its preventive cure. In our country, we have very low risk for zika infection, as not so many people are travelling to South Africa or Latin America and also less people are coming to our country. Pregnant women should not travel to the areas with zika. Aedes mosquitoes reproduce during rainy season, so breeding time is limited. Prevention from mosquito bite is the main focus. In Bangladesh, we have adequate diagnostic and treatment facilities. We don’t need to be afraid of zika virus infection.

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Tuberculous osteomyelitis of right humerus


This 18 months old boy was diagnosed as tuberculous osteomyelitis of the upper end of right humerus. Initial presentation was pain over the affected area and loss of free movement. There was no swelling or fever. Diagnosis was made on the basis of positive MT(18 mm) and x-ray. Patient was given anti-TB for one year.

Fruit Juice to Your Baby During Winter Time

If your baby is taking fresh fruit juice everyday, try not to give it during night time. The best time is after breakfast, with snacks, at 11 am. During winter you can make it mildly warm using warm water. The well tolerated fruits should be used. Try to avoid grapes as this is not tolerated by most of the babies.