Monowara Hospital (Pvt) Ltd.

Facilities: CPAP, Incubator, Cot care, Phototheraphy, Pulse Oxymetry, Baby Therm, Mobile BT, Exchange Transfusion
Address: 54, Siddeshwari Road, Dhaka(1217)
Phone: (02)8318135, (02)8318529, (02)8319802, (02)8318119, (02)8316254
Cell No: 8801755590990-5
Fax: (02)9336595

Ibn Sina Hospital Dhanmondi

Facilities: Radiant Warmer, Incubation, Cardio Respiratory Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, Neonatal and Infant Ventilators, ‘HFOV’, Infusion Pump, Phototherapy Unit
Address: Ibn Sina Hospital, House#64, Road-15/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka(1209)
Cell No: 8801824666536

Paedihope Hospital For Sick Children

Facilities: Ventilator, Incubator, Infant Warmer, Cot Care, Phototheraphy, Surfactant Theraphy, Exchange Transfusion, Pulse Oxymetry, Portable X-ray, USG, Echo
Address: House-32/A, Road-6, Dhanmondi, Dhaka(1205)
Phone: (02)9671345, (02)9671375
Cell No: 8801912821987

Ad-Din Medical College Hospital

Facilities: Ventilator, Incubator, CPAP, Cot Care, Infant Warmer, Phototheraphy, Pulse Oxymetry, Exchange Transfusion, Portable X-ray, USG, Surfactant Theraphy
Address: 2, Boro mogbazar, Dhaka(1217)
Phone: (02)9353391-3
Fax: (02)8317306

Pancare Hospital Limited

Facilities: Ventilator, Infant Warmer, Incubator, Cot Care, Phototheraphy, Exchange Transfusion, Pulse Oxymetry, ABG monitoring, X-ray, USG
Address: Dhanmondi tower, House no-4/1, Road-16(old-27), Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka(1209), Bangladesh(North to Rapa Plaza)
Phone: (02)8158394, (02)9142422
Cell No: 8801199136059,8801190297546

Enam Medical College & Hospital

Facilities: Ventilator, C-PAP, Infant Warmer Open and Closed, Baby Cot, Phototheraphy, Infusion Pump, Cardiac Monitoring, X-ray, USG, Echo, Sucker, Central Oxygen
Address: 9/3 Parboti Nagar, Thana Road, Savar, Dhaka.
Phone: (02)7743779-82
Cell: 8801716358146,8801748768515-6
Fax: (02)7743778

Dhaka Shishu(Children) Hospital

Facilities: Ventilator, Infant Warmer, Incubator, Cot Care, ABG monitoring, Pulse Oxymetry, Portable Sucker, Exchange Transfusion, IPD, Surfactant Theraphy, Chest Drain, ECG, Portable X-ray, USG, Mobile Transfusion, Central Line, TPN
Address: Sher-e bangla Nagar, Dhaka(1207), Opposite to National Institute of Opthalmology, Behind Shishu mela
Phone: (02)8114571-2, (02)8116061-2

Dhaka Renal & General Hospital

Facilities: Ventilator, Infant Warmer, Incubator, Cot Care, Infusion Pump, Pulse Oxymeter, Phototheraphy Single and Double Surface, Exchange Transfusion, X-ray, USG, Room Heater
Address: 161/A, Lake Circus, Kalabagan, Dhaka(1205)
Phone: (02)8151394, (02)9113131
Cell No: 8801735315992

Aichi Hospital Ltd.

Facilities: Ventilator, Infant warmer, Incubator, Baby cot, Phototheraphy, Pulse oxymeter, Infusion pump, ABG monitoring, USG, XRAY, Echocardiogram, Central line oxygen and sucker
Address: Plot#35 & 37, Sector#8, Abdullahpur, Uttara, Dhaka(1230)
Phone: (02)8916290, (02)8920165
Cell No: 8801744463766-8, 8801748488559